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Run the Keys

A unique running experience through the Florida Keys

Imagine running across 44 islands, 42 bridges, 100 miles in 6 days. 

Now imagine someone has booked all of your lodging, arranged all of your meals and provided support during your daily runs.

If that sounds like your ideal way of experiencing a place as magical as the Florida Keys, join us in January for the "Run the Keys" running tour. 

March, 2022
7 mile bridge.jpg

7 mile bridge

you'll be running across this on day 4

What's included...


8 nights: 3 to 5 star hotels booked for you starting Monday night in Key Largo through Tuesday night in Key West. March is peak season in the Keys, this is by far the biggest expense of the trip. 


Breakfast: 6 pre-run meals.

Lunch: 6 meals to eat during or after each run.

Dinner: 6 restaurant meals throughout the Keys, local flavor.


2-3 experienced running coaches (depending on group size) to provide support on your daily runs, give advice when needed and help manage any challenges that arise. They will also be shuttling runners and handling all the logistics. 


-All of the planning, logistics, booking, etc.

-Transportation of your luggage every day from hotel to hotel

-Transportation of all runners back to Key Largo on day 8.

-Beautiful wooden handcrafted finishers plaque

Investment: $2700

Cost per person.

Save $400pp for 3 people per room

Save $700pp for 4 people per room



Everyone arrive in Key Largo. Pre-run meeting at hotel. 

Hotel: TBD, will be sent out to all runners ahead of time.

Meals: No meals included this day. 

Parking: We will have a parking lot arranged to leave vehicles for a week. 


7am: Light pre-run breakfast

9a: Run start

Run: Key Largo to Islamorada 18 miles

Hotel: TBD in Islamorada

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities 


8am: Light pre-run breakfast

10:30a Run Start

Run: Islamorada to Long Key 15 miles

Hotel: TBD in Islamorada

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities


8am: Light pre-run breakfast

10:30a: Run Start

Run: Long Key to Marathon 16 miles

Hotel: TBD in Marathon

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities


7am: Light pre-run breakfast

9a: Run Start

Run: Marathon to Big Pine Key 18.5 miles

Hotel: TBD in Marathon

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities. No support on 7 mile bridge


8am: Light pre-run breakfast

10:30a: Run Start

Run: Big Pine Key to Lower Sugarloaf 14.5 miles

Hotel: TBD 

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities


7am: Light pre-run breakfast

9a: Run Start

Run: Lower Sugarloaf Key to Key West 18 miles

Hotel: TBD in Key West

Meals: All

Support: At least 2 refill opportunities


Free Day in Key West

Book excursions, recover poolside or on the beach, walk around, whatever you feel like. 

Meals: None

Hotel: TBD (same as Sunday night)


Depart Key West back to Key Largo

We will leave Key West late morning and drive back to Key Largo. 

Meals: None


What do I bring?

Your running gear, a running pack, your running fuel, evening attire. 

Bring whatever you need during your run and at least 2 liters of running hydration carry capability. You'll need clothes each night, a bathing suit(?), hat/visor, sunglasses, sunscreen.....

How fast do I need to run?

This is not a race! Please relax and enjoy the scenery. 

Take pictures, run together, run alone, whatever makes you happy! We do ask that everyone maintains at least a 16 minute mile average each day so that the group doesn't get too spread out. 

Will I have my own room?

There is an option for single occupancy. 

Pricing listed is for double occupancy. Single occupancy is available if we have notification well in advance and dependent on hotel availability. The extra cost is $1800. This is peak season in the keys and hotels are very expensive. If you have a group coming and want to save money and sleep more than 2 to a room we can likely arrange that. Otherwise you will be matched with someone (same gender) to room with. 

What if I get injured or just don't feel like running one or more of the days?

You can ride with the crew! We'll have room to take along anyone who needs or wants a ride. 

This is your trip and you should feel no obligation to run every mile. If you're tired, you tweak something, want to cut a day short or whatever, you can ride along with the crew. 

What's the refund policy?

If we cancel for any reason you will receive a full refund.

If you cancel for any reason....

>90 days: full refund minus $100

61-90 days: full refund minus $200

30-60 days: 50% refund plus $200 fee

<30 days: No refunds

The refund policy is not meant to punish those needing to cancel. Expenses are incurred many months in advance.

We strongly suggest travel insurance! 

Can family members come along?


If you have a friend or family member who wants to meet you along the way and stay with you (but not run), that's fine! They will be responsible for their own transportation, meals, etc. If you pay for a single occupancy room they can stay with you. 

What kind of food is provided?

We can accommodate dietary requests.

Breakfast each day will consists of items such as fruit, danishes, bagels & juice. 

Lunches will most likely be sandwiches, chips, easy to carry items since you'll be eating "on the run"! 

Dinners will be at local restaurants where you will each order off the menu. Alcohol not included. 

*itinerary subject to change

More about the trip....

This trip is meant to take the stress and hassle of planning and organizing a big trip off of your plate. Being able to focus only on running and relaxing allows you to be fully present, take in the scenery and enjoy the company of your fellow Keys runners. 

Your head leader, Carrie, has driven, ran & biked every mile from Key Largo to Key West as well as directed a 3,000 person relay race from Miami to Key West. She has years of experience in long distance running and specifically running in the Keys. It is her goal to give you the best experience possible, one that will create long-lasting memories. Carrie has been directing small and large events for over 14 years and thrives on bringing people together to challenge themselves and live life to the fullest. Your co-leader, Jim, is a competitive masters runner with 20+ years of running and racing experience. His attention to detail, his desire to help you succeed along with this extensive running knowledge makes him the ideal coach and co-leader. 

About the route: Most of the time we will be running on the Overseas Heritage Trail along Overseas Hwy. The OHT is a paved trail that starts in Key largo and ends in Key West with occasional sections that are not yet complete. For these sections we will run on the road shoulder and bike lane going against traffic. The longest span of highway running is over the 7 mile bridge.  While all of the route is alongside a pretty busy Overseas Hwy you are still sandwiched between the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean with incredible views most of the way. The route is very safe but we do have to pay attention to traffic and stay alert to vehicles. 

Each day after you're done with your run we may not be able to get into our hotel rooms right away. In that case we will hang out by the pool, jump in the bay or the ocean, take beachside naps....basically we'll kill time doing something relaxing! Depending how fast you run each day you will have free time after you're done and before dinner. Feel free to book excursions, such as paddle-boarding and kayaking. You will receive all the hotel info ahead of time and can look up what's available nearby. 

If you want to stay in Key West longer please feel free. I suggest booking your hotel as soon as possible since they fill up in January. 

Pay a $500 deposit to reserve your spot. Trip balances are due by February 1st, 2022. Contact to mail a check instead, to use Venmo,  for group discounts or any other questions. 

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