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Become A Sponsor!

Why Should you Sponsor?

• Invest in the community – Giving back to our clients and their families that live in our community causes a ripple of positive effects. It demonstrates your commitment to the community. It shows your customers that you give back to those who help make your business successful.

• Target marketing – Our events attract a variety of attendees. Let us work with you to match your product or brand with your target audience.

• Entertaining clients – Invite your top clients as VIP guests to our special event. Some of our event sponsorship benefits packages include complimentary race registrations.


• Thanking employees – Part of showing your staff just how important they are to the liveliness of your company is by thanking them. Our events offer the chance to socialize and treat your staff to a wonderful day or night.


• Promotional or sampling opportunities – Some of our events offer the chance to provide a sample your service or product one-on-one to our attendees. Additionally, we distribute goody bags to our participants– an exciting way to promote your product or service.


• Brand awareness – Triumph Events uses a multi-channel promotional campaign when marketing our events.


• Sponsoring entitles you to the benefits of that campaign


• Attach your corporate identity to a good cause. All of our events benefit a local charity.

Contact us for more information on sponsorships!

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