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kids trail running series
Flagler County

We believe that kids should experience the joy, challenge and accomplishment of running through the woods. We also believe that doing something hard, like running, can be fun, rewarding and will help foster self confidence and self esteem. Trail running is extra special and fun and we believe kids appreciate and benefit from the wildness of it. 

Our 3 race series is meant to introduce a variety of trails to the runners. Check out the details below for each course.


March 30th, 2024: Princess Place Preserve: 2500 Princess Place Rd, Palm Coast, FL

This course is flat with some sporadic roots but mostly hard packed dirt and grass. It's a great introduction to off road running. 

The planned schedule is to start the youngest age first then approximately 15 minutes later we'll start the 6-9 year olds and the 10-13 year olds about 20 minutes later. Start time 9:30a. Awards for each age group will follow each race. 

RACE DISTANCES: 3-5yo 0.6 mile,  6-9yo 2 miles, 10-13yo 3.4 miles. 

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June 1st, 2024: Mala Compra Trails 

This course has some fun flat running and also some fun ups and downs and roots. It's still pretty "flowy" and moderate to low on the technical side. It's a beautiful trail in the Hammock, very close to the beach and almost all shaded. 

Races start at 9a with the 3-5 age group followed by the 6-9 year olds and then the 10-13 year olds starting around 9:30a.

3-5 year olds: 0.64 miles

6-9 year olds: 1.85 miles

10-13 year olds: 3.23 miles

Event day info

August 17th, 2024: Graham Swamp Trails

A beautiful and wild course! Plenty of twists and turns, roots, rocks, climbs and descents. We will utilize some of the hiking trail and some of the mountain bike trail. The kids will have a blast on this course! 

The planned schedule is to start the youngest age first at 9:00a then approximately 15 minutes later we'll start the 6-9 year olds and the 10-13 year olds around 9:40a. Awards for each age group will follow each race. 

RACE DISTANCES: <0.5 mile 3-5yr olds, 1.5 miles 6-9yr olds, 3 miles 10-13yr olds. 


Age groups and distances:

3-5 year olds: ~1/2 mile

6-9 year olds: 1.5-2 miles

10-13 year olds: 3-3.5 miles


What's included? 

  • Every kid will receive an awesome wooden finishers medal.

  • We will present awards to the top 3 girls and boys in each age group.

  • Post-race refreshments will be served. We will not hand out any single use water bottles, we ask that you also do not bring any disposable plastic. Please bring a re-useable water bottle to refill from our drink station. 

  • Every racer will be timed 

  • Race bibs

  • Race photos

  • Series award for kids who run all 3 races

What's the cost?



If you would like your child to participate but the registration fee is a barrier, please contact for information on sponsored entries. 


If you would like to help sponsor a child, please use the donation option when registering or contact

We are also collecting donations and raising funds to purchase new running shoes for kids that need financial help. We believe every child should have access to proper running shoes. Running can shape and change lives, we want to eliminate obstacles of getting started. 


Other useful info:

  • Parents can run with their children, they just need to sign a waiver. We strongly encourage parents to run with your young kids, especially the 3-5 year olds. 

  • We will have volunteers on the course to help keep the kids on course. We can always use help, please consider volunteering.

  • The courses will be marked with signs and orange pin flags.

  • Kids can run in a lower age group if they want but won't be eligible for awards. Kids can run in a higher age group IF they have experience and can confidently complete the distance. 

  • Volunteer info document

We need sponsors! If your business or if you know of a business that would like to sponsor these events please reach out to 

Parent testimonials: 

*Thank you and your volunteers, Carrie! This was our first race ever and I love all the special care and added bonuses. My 4 year old was a little nervous at first but ended up wanting to race all three races afterwards! 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. It was amazing and perfect  we can’t wait for next year!! 

*That race was SO good for this community and the confidence for these kiddos you and your team are truly a blessing!

*What an event!!! This is such a special thing you are doing for our community. Thanks for all of the organizing and hard work that goes into an event like this- it’s is greatly appreciated.

I was prepping my 5 year old that this race had a lot of kids and she may not place- her response “that’s okay mom. I just want to be proud of myself!” This is why these events are so important for our kiddos! Thanks for a great morning everyone!


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